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Farmers a ​Landscaper you ​can trust

A farmer can provide better landscaping ​techniques than a general landscaper because ​they have a deeper understanding of the land ​and its capabilities. Farmers know how to work ​with the natural landscape, taking into account ​factors such as soil type, topography, and ​weather patterns. They also have experience ​with plant and animal husbandry, which can ​inform their landscaping choices. By utilizing ​their knowledge and skills, farmers can create ​sustainable and practical landscapes that are ​not only aesthetically pleasing but also ​functional for their specific needs. Additionally, ​farmers may have access to local resources ​and materials that are well-suited to the ​region, further enhancing the quality of their ​landscaping work.

What We Can Do For You

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La​wn Care

  • Hydro seeding new lawn ​installations
  • Managing and growing ​your Lawn
  • Overseeing and Fertilizer
  • Consulting

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La​ndScape Design

  • Installing Designed and ​Thoughtful plantings
  • Mulching and Bed ​Maintenance
  • Fire Pit and Walkway ​installations
  • Custom Edging

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Ot​her Services

  • Raking
  • Deliver of Stone, Loam, ​Mulch and more.
  • Plant and Shrub Sales ​and Delivery
  • Edible Garden and Tree ​Installation

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C​are For Product

When we do a job we ​care for our finish ​product and it is done ​right​!

"Our mission is to cultivate a world ​where farming and landscaping go ​hand in hand, creating beautiful, ​sustainable environments that ​nourish both the land and the ​people who inhabit it."

Client Feedback

Blair Builders

Donovan Farms Provides us with a quality ​landscape for a quality price


I was glad to have Donovan Farms come to make ​my life easy when delivering my homes to ​customers


As a Gardening Expert I enjoyed teaching the ​young crew of Donovan Farms and training them ​in the ways of Landscape

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